Word Salad — data

Word Salad: Relating Food Prices and Descriptions
Victor Chahuneau, Kevin Gimpel, Bryan R. Routledge, Lily Scherlis, and Noah A. Smith

The restaurant menus dataset is divided into three parts for running the experiments:

Python code to train a baseline model is available on Github.

The files contain one JSON map per line, representing a restaurant menu, with the following schema:

    "id": <str>, 
    "name": <str>,
    "city": <str>,
    "address": <str>,
    "neighborhoods": [<str>],
    "categories": [<str>],
    "avg_rating": <float>,
    "latitude": <float>,
    "longitude": <float>,
    "info": {<str>: <str>},
    "items": {
        "name": <str>,
        "description": <str>,
        "price": <float>